News Release: Former Pro-Bowl QB Jeff Garcia Wins QBSIM Virtual Reality Charity Challenge


Colorado springs (April 24, 2018) – Former NFL quarterback and 4x Pro Bowler, Jeff Garcia, has always been known as a fierce competitor. Those same characteristics rose to the top at the first annual QBSIM Charity Challenge, hosted by Sports Virtual Training Systems, where Garcia completed his last two throws to notch a come-from-behind victory over two fellow retired NFL quarterbacks, Craig Ochs and Jake Plummer. For his victory, Sports VTS donated the $10,000 grand prize to Garcia’s designated charity, the St. Joseph’s Family Center in Gilroy, California.

The QBSIM Charity Challenge was hosted Sports Virtual Training Systems (, creator of the world’s first dynamic, interactive virtual reality quarterback training simulator. The proprietary, patent-pending QBSIM system is the first VR simulator that tracks the trajectory of a real ball, in real time, as it is thrown into a fully responsive virtual environment. All other VR training systems for football, soccer, and other sports rely on button-actuated, hand-held VR controllers to “trigger” the release of a virtual ball. Wearing a head-mounted display, quarterbacks are immersed in the sights and sounds of an NFL stadium, complete with offensive and defensive players running at game speed.

“I’m as competitive as they come and having this opportunity to battle for our respective charities was awesome,” said Jeff Garcia. “Winning the $10,000 check to help support the St. Joseph’s Family Center in my home town of Gilroy was the icing on the cake. It was my first experience with virtual reality, and I loved it! The pressure is real and my reactions were real. I felt like I was going to get hit! It does put you into that real-life feel of being in the pocket with a defense coming down on you.”

“The QBSIM Charity Challenge was a blast,” commented former Broncos quarterback and NFL Pro Bowler, Jake Plummer. “That feeling came back, of being in the pocket going ‘Oh my God, I need to get rid of this ball.’”

The pressure players’ felt, and the virtual hits that caused them to visibly flinch, were the result of cutting-edge simulator technology developed by Sports VTS. QBSIM uses an array of overhead cameras that track the movement of the football in real time, and controls the movement of virtual offensive and defensive players using actual player data from Pro Football Focus (PFF). QBSIM is the first simulator to enable quarterbacks to throw a real ball, and to allow all 21 virtual players to respond to the quarterback’s movements.

Sports VTS designed QBSIM to revolutionize QB training and assessment, and is working with select early-adopter teams in the NFL and NCAA to install systems in 2018, with expectations of a full product rollout in 2019. 

“QBSIM and the QB Charity Challenge are about improving the game of football and giving back to the sport,” said Sports VTS Founder and CEO, Ted Sundquist. “With QBSIM, quarterbacks can train more effectively with real reps throwing a real ball, while almost completely eliminating the practice-related risk of concussions and injuries to QBs and other players. It has the potential to save teams millions of dollars, prevent injuries, prevent concussions, and find and develop the next great quarterback.”

“The QB Challenge was a lot of fun and the Sports VTS technology is incredible,” said Craig Ochs, a former quarterback for the San Diego Chargers and Buffalo Bills. “QBSIM is revolutionary, not only for the training of quarterbacks, but for the game as a whole. Simply stated – it’s a one-of-a-kind experience.”  

St. Joseph’s Family Center in Gilroy, California provides comprehensive support for families struggling with homelessness, food insecurity, unemployment, and more. They operate one of the largest food pantries in Santa Clara County, distribute food to 10 low-income schools, provide hot meals for the homeless, permanent supportive housing for homeless individuals and families, job coaching/training and other safety-net services to help stabilize the lives of at-risk families and move them towards better health, self-sufficiency and overall well-being. “We are blessed to have the support of Jeff Garcia and Sports VTS,” commented David Cox, Executive Director of St. Joseph’s Family Center. “This generous donation will directly impact our community, helping us provide shelter, food and compassionate assistance for the people of Gilroy.”


About Sports Virtual Training Systems, Inc.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, Sports Virtual Training Systems, Inc. (Sports VTS) is revolutionizing the world of sports training with its proprietary technology that creates Simulated Reality training experiences, allowing athletes to combine real world repetitions (e.g., dropping back in the pocket, throwing a real football) within the immersive environment of VR.

QBSIM, the first product from Sports VTS, is the only simulation solution that allows a quarterback to train by passing a real football into virtual reality. Simulated VR players act and react with artificial intelligence comprised of over 10 years of game data and statistics. The platform leverages sports science, big data, and state of the art technologies to help players maximize performance by learning faster through a focus on neuro-recognition of patterns and minimization of injury risk.

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