Sports VTS’ First Product, QBSIM, Features This Revolutionary and Proprietary Technology To Train Quarterbacks in Immersive Simulation Without Risk of Injury

December 14, 2017 (Colorado Springs, CO)—Sports Virtual Training Systems, Inc. (Sports VTS) announced today that it has built proprietary technologies to take training of professional athletes beyond Virtual Reality (VR) and into a fully immersive, Simulation Reality.

QBSIM is the first product from Sports VTS, featuring its simulation platform to provide realistic game speed repetitions, and powered by over ten years of actual NFL game and player data. With QBSIM, quarterbacks can for the first time throw an actual football directly into a VR environment, rapidly developing the enhanced skills and in-game instincts required to succeed on the playing field. Sports VTS’ technology draws upon proprietary mathematical modeling and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to aid with predictive analysis, in-game strategy and player development. By simulating a real game environment, QBSIM ensures that virtual training inside the simulator leads to real results on the field.

Conceived by former Denver Broncos General Manager Ted Sundquist, QBSIM combines the cutting edge worlds of VR simulators (similar to those used by military fighter pilots) with advanced training techniques to create the definitive answer to safe and effective development of quarterback talent.

“Sports VTS will redefine the world of sports training by allowing athletes to practice in complex, simulated scenarios that train both the mind and body simultaneously,” said Sundquist, CEO and Founder of Sports VTS. “We’ve combined revolutionary technologies at the forefront of Virtual Reality with decades of experience preparing professional athletes, creating a system that allows a team to fully develop EVERY quarterback on their roster in a realistic, game speed environment and without the risk of contact injury.”

Leveraging the cutting edge, immersion of VR, QBSIM blurs the line between practice and real game experience. Quarterbacks can improve their passing mechanics while still developing the nuances of scheme recognition, decision-making processes, pocket presence, and playmaking abilities at a game day level of intensity.

“It’s difficult for young quarterbacks to develop and be ready to succeed in the NFL without a great deal of game experience,” said Sundquist. “QBSIM makes every day a Game Day. We create a full simulation that requires reading defenses, calling audibles, and throwing an actual football under pressure from a realistic pass rush. And just like on Game Day, the accuracy of the throw determines completion, incompletion or interception by the actions and reactions of virtual players.”

“The most revolutionary aspect of QBSIM is its realism,” said former NFL quarterback Craig Ochs, an advisor to Sports VTS. “You’re making all the reads and decisions you would in a game, with the same intensity felt on the field, and then you have to make the actual throw. QBSIM is the single best way I have ever seen to safely develop all the skills necessary to be a successful quarterback at any level.”

The Sports VTS team is comprised of experts in professional sports, technology, coaching, and advanced training.

  • Ted Sundquist – Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Sundquist brings sixteen years as a NFL Front Office Executive with two Super Bowl rings. Mr. Sundquist is also a former player and coach of the United States Air Force Academy.
  • Matt Barnett – Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Barnett leverages over 20 years as an executive and attorney in professional sports as well as a former football player and coach at Dartmouth College.
  • Brian DeLong – Chief Technical Officer. Mr. DeLong brings a deep background in simulation and sports training technologies and is a pioneer in the use of big data for Olympic drug testing and analysis.
  • Brian Kopp – Executive Director of Business Development. Mr. Kopp is a recognized leader in Sports Technology and the 2016 Sports Business Journal (SBJ) Forty Under 40 class, 2013 Idea Innovator by SBJ. Mr. Kopp is the previous President of North America, Catapult Sports; a global leader in performance analytics and wearable devices for elite athletes.
  • Craig Ochs – Advisor. Mr. Ochs brings his football experience to the project as a former professional and college quarterback.
  • Paul Bessire – Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Consultant, QBSIM. Mr. Bessire brings his experience as an authority on mathematical modeling in the sports world to aid in getting the football right through AI development and probabilistic analytics.
  • W. Todd Maddox, Ph.D. – Training Science Consultant, QBSIM. Dr. Maddox brings 25 years of research experience focused on the science and neuroscience of learning to the project.

QBSIM will be available in 2018.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, Sports Virtual Training Systems, Inc. (Sports VTS) is revolutionizing the world of sports training with its proprietary technology that creates Simulated Reality training experiences, allowing athletes to combine real world repetitions (e.g., dropping back in the pocket, throwing a real football) within the immersive environment of VR.

QBSIM, the first product from Sports VTS, is the only simulation solution that allows a quarterback to train by passing a real football into virtual reality. Simulated VR players act and react with artificial intelligence comprised of over 10 years of game data and statistics. The platform leverages sports science, big data, and state of the art technologies to help players maximize performance by learning faster through a focus on neuro-recognition of patterns and minimization of injury risk.

QBSIM will be available in 2018.

Angie Stout