Brian DeLong
Chief Technology Officer

Brian DeLong serves as Chief Technical Officer of Sports Virtual Training Systems, Inc. Mr. DeLong’s career includes 18 years of experience spanning positions help within the military and flight test industries, high-end athletic performance training, and a variety of technology solutions used internationally by the sports community.

Mr. DeLong is the founder of Ideavise, a technology company that provides business intelligence reporting, data warehouse and data mining consulting, and a founding partner of CrushWave, a digital agency.

Prior to SportsVTS, Mr. DeLong served as the Director of I.T. for Carmichael Training Systems, one of the world’s foremost authorities on athletic web-enabled coaching for endurance athletes. Mr. DeLong has also held positions at Syprist Data systems where he led a cross functional team to create an industry leading line of military and commercial flight test telemetry hardware and software solutions.

Mr. DeLong holds a degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona and currently resides in Colorado Springs, CO.